The Fontenay Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

Fontenay 10, Rotherbaum, 20354 Hamburg

+ 49 (0)40 60 6056 6050


Forget that you are in the city. In the quiet and well-heeled neighborhood of Rotherbaum, amongst the rich foliage, on the shores of the reflective Alster Lake, The Fontenay Hamburg effortlessly unfolds itself like an extension of the landscape. The lake draws daily joggers and romantics as well as encouraging water sports activities such as sailing and paddle boarding.  Its location is close enough to explore the city in a mere 15-minute brisk walk, 10 minutes to Stephansplatz U-Bahn station yet still far-away from the frenzy of town.


The hotel is an epitome of the oriental concept of ‘Feng Shui’ coupled with western sensibilities. The circular continuous and fluid design glides naturally to form a kind of zen. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the hotel has no back side view and where each 130 chic rooms afford varying views of the city. A 27 meter high glass-walled atrium serves as the hotel’s centerpiece featuring fitted panels that light up in a rhythmic pattern like running a finger on a piano keyboard.  Within the contoured walls of the lobby, a secluded library can be found for a peaceful and cozy downtime afternoon reading.


Light is the most distinct characteristic of each 130 rooms including 17 suites. Aside from balconies serving outdoor spaces, the floor to ceiling windows are designed to let the elemental vibe seep in. The sheer and black-out curtains afford varying lighting scenarios. The plush carpets set against the oak patterned parquet floor offer an uncompromised sophistication. Color schemes are warm and homely complementing the elegant décor such as the sofa, desks, lamps and commissioned artworks. A selection of free drinks from the minibar and a coffee machine add a touch of pampering and practicality.


I have a soft spot for beds that are firm, swaddled and dressed in soft perfectly white clean cotton sheets. The hotel pampers each guest with pillows for a comfortable siesta snooze and restful sleep, all the while being surrounded by bespoke furniture and gold accent accessories.


Taking advantage of natural light, the hotel is able to minimize the use of electricity when turning on/off the indoor lights. Injecting smart simple ideas by transforming in-room information and guide into digital formats cuts paper waste. Electronic sensor toilet flush is installed and designed to conserve the use of water by utilizing a half or full flush command. Lastly, the hotel is equipped with three e-charging stations for electric cars.


  • Restaurants (Parkview garden restaurant and Lakeside, Michelin star gourmet restaurant situated on the 7th floor)
  • Fontenay Bar located on the 6th floor with 320 degrees panoramic view of the city and the Alster Lake
  • Library with Day Bar and Smoker’s Room
  • Meetings and Conference Rooms
  • Wifi (4G/5G)
  • Room Service
  • Laundry
  • Heated floors
  • Amenities by Lorenzo Villoresi
  • Rooftop Infinity Pool
  • Spa (Wellness and Beauty)
  • Specialized Clinic (In Collaboration with Leading Medical Professionals)
  • Sun Terrace
  • Sauna/Steam Room/Hammam and Ice Well
  • Fitness Area with Technogym Private Line Equipment with personal trainer available, physiotherapy and lifestyle coach
  • Garden Patio
  • Parking
  • Pet-friendly


The welcome message and amenity from the hotel
The Fontenay Hotel Hamburg creates a feeling of a woodland luxury retreat within the city. The lakeside location in a upscale neighborhood and is hard to beat. The rooftop with its infinity pool, boasts some enchanting vistas of the city and the Alster. This is a hotel that any architectural aficionado can appreciate; a gastronome’s mecca with its Michelin star restaurant, health enthusiast to love – the spa, being the hotel’s crown jewel; and for every discerning traveler in pursuit of peace and detachment from the rituals of the everyday. The Fontenay Hotel is becoming one of Hamburg’s defining landmarks with history to boot and it simply knows how to keep the yin and the yang flowing.

4.6 / 5 Rating



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  1. Now this is my type of place to stay. What a beautiful hotel and I love the rooftop infinity pool and the views from the bar are amazing. I’d definitely look at staying here.

    • The hotel oozes with Zen. I find the hotel a remarkable city oasis, surrounded by lush foliage and a meditative lake to boot. I have a feeling that could be your cuppa tea of hotel property. Serene, reflective and uber comfy.
      Sehr gut! 😉