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57, Park Ventures Ecoplex 57 Witthayu Rd, Lumphini, Pathum Wan

Tel:+66 (0) 2687 9000 Fax: tel:+66 (0) 2687 9001


Bangkok is a city of contradictions and concessions. Its eagerness to indulge the visitor in the delights of materialism and extravagance without batting an eye is as good as its readiness to reorient human nature in the Buddhist cycle of karma and moral healing. 

While almost, if not everything in this sprawling Thai capital seems like a paradox, coming upon an exception is a rarity where the two opposing ends – indulgence and restraint, instead of clashing, gel together and complement each other. Enter the Okura Prestige Bangkok.

The hotel is situated in a sought-after neighborhood that lends itself as an extension to the city’s green lung, Lumphini Park. Along the tree-lined boulevard known as Wireless road, surrounded by high-end retail shops and excellent dining opportunities, the Okura timidly hides itself with its unassuming entrance barely visible to the public. Having its own direct train access to Ploenchit BTS sky train station translates into a five minute train ride to downtown Sukhumvit and a short hop to exploring the city’s historical and edgy neighborhoods.


The Okura Prestige Bangkok exudes the very Japanese idea of minimalism. None of the trappings of instant Instagram gratification. But don’t let it fool you for this five star luxury property possesses the elegance of a cherry blossom tree in the autumn with matching motif to boot.

Spread from the 23rd to the 34th floor of a tower block, the hotel ushers copious amounts of zen and stillness. The high-ceilinged lobby on the 24th floor can instantaneously bequeath those feelings from the moment a guest arrives. The sensory serenity is heightened by the hushed sweeping views of the outside world through large glass paneled windows. A cantilevered 82-foot-long infinity pool hangs on the 25th floor conjuring up an image of swimming amongst the clouds. 


The 240 rooms feature picture-frame windows bestowing a Siam skyline panorama. Each one is awash not just with natural light but also in cool tones of taupes and creams with the occasional zest of bronze in between. Dark marble floors that mirror dark wooden panels are softened by carpets with bespeckling flower petal design.

Minimal in aesthetics, but rich in Japanese sophistication – a traditional tea-drinking set with tea leaves or matcha powder is provided for one’s own private tea ceremony while dressed in in-house yukata robes. The full Japanese experience is never complete without the state-of-the-art loo that comes with an automatic bidet and a heated seat functionality – so kawaii. 


If there’s a hat trick that the Okura can seriously pull off, it is its triple glazed windows that deliver an addictively calm moment – like being somewhere far remote and the desire to detach oneself from the city’s clamor.

There’s a bedside touch screen console to execute commands by fingertips: light, temperature and darkening curtains. Hypoallergenic beds and pillows are extremely comfortable and complemented by white Egyptian linens with lovely petal details in them. The suite rooms aside from having more space and privileges, come with bigger and deeper tubs that could easily make for a private onsen.


The hotel, a living microcosm, is part of the entire Park Ventures Ecoplex property. It’s the country’s first LEED platinum-certified ‘green’ building designed with energy-saving solutions (sustainability, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources and indoor environmental quality) in line with the US Green Building Council LEED – Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design.

The Okura, every so often, collaborates with leading institutions that promote positivity and empower underprivileged communities such as Scholars of Sustenance Foundation (SOS Thailand) that tackles problems of food deficit and nutrition.


  • Three Signature Restaurants
    • Elements – the hotel’s flagship Michelin starred restaurant serving French cuisine with strong Japanese influences
    • Yamazato – Michelin Plate restaurant based on the centuries-old traditional Kaiseki Ryori (Japanese haute cuisine)
    • Up and Above – an all day dining Western and Asian Restaurant
  • Pool
  • Spa with full range treatments
  • Sauna and steam room/hammam
  • Fitness Center
  • Room service / Daily Housekeeping and Laundry
  • Bar (Up & Above Bar)
  • Club Lounge
  • Bakery La pâtisserie (ground floor of the Park Ventures Ecoplex)
  • Free Wi-fi Connection
  • Conference and Meeting rooms
  • Parking and Valet Service
  • BTS skytrain direct link 



My final thoughts logoHotel welcome message and amenity
The Okura Prestige Bangkok does not use the word prestige lightly if it is not serious about it. As a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, a stay at the Okura guarantees every traveler to the Kingdom of Thailand a transformational seijaku, an energized calm, ensuring each stay a privilege. 
Close to where the hotel stands is where the country’s earliest radio station stood. The sounds of the broadcasts that once filled the airwaves are long gone. This time, it’s replaced by a different tune: omotenashi which translates ‘to wholeheartedly look after guest’s happiness’ blares aloud and proud at the Okura Prestige Bangkok.
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4.6 / 5 Rating




“I enjoy outdoor activities and I have to say Thailand is one of the best places in the world for getting out in nature. Beaches come to mind and one of the best is at the royal resort town of Hua Hin, just about a two hour drive from Bangkok. It’s a perfect way to end a trip after staying at The Okura Prestige Bangkok, not only a haven of tranquility but also a leading venue for those looking for relaxation and cultural experiences that enrich the whole family.” – Niek Hammer, General Manager of The Okura Prestige Bangkok / 2023


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  1. I don’t see myself rushing back to Bangkok, but this seems like a great hotel to stay at if I do. Having visited the city a number of times I do lie to try different areas and see new neighborhoods. Ease of getting around is always my top consideration. But I love the fun aspects here that you can control everything by touch screen – although my inferior tech skills have made that a challenge in the past. I might be willing to give it a go again to stay here

  2. This is *very* different from the hostels I’ve stayed at in Bangkok. It’s so fancy–Michelin star restaurants, infinity pool, marble floors–I will only be staying here in my dreams! Did you stay here? What made you choose it over other hotels?

  3. To be honest I want to stay here after reading this post. it oozes class and I would feel like I’ve made it after a few nights in here! I would love to hit the sauna steam room and gym after a day of exploring (and eating) in the city! I also love your writing style it’s so fun and always keeps my attention. A breath of fresh air! Keep writing!

  4. Well, you said the magic words with kaiseki ryori, matcha and a J-toilet! Plus an infinity pool on the 25th floor? Wow! This looks like an incredibly sophisticated place to stay in Bangkok, a true oasis in the midst of the hectic hubbub of that amazing and sprawling city. Really impressed with the green ethos as well. Although the Okura Prestige isn’t the sort of hotel we would normally stay at, your description entices us to treat ourselves should we ever return to Bangkok – something we’d very much like to do!

  5. I’ve never been to Bangkok but this would definitely be a hotel I wouldn’t mind staying in. The whole ambience, atmosphere and minimalist vibe lead me to believe that it would be a place of my choice.
    The tranquil setting and the delicious-looking food were what really caught my attention!

  6. Looks like a very stylish, comfy and classy hotel – the type that I love but are usually way over my budget though.
    Nice to read about it. I often try to just have a coffee or meal at these high end hotels just to get a feel for the place, even though I can’t stay there.

  7. I’ve never been to Bangkok before but this looks like a pretty awesome hotel to stay in! I’ve always wanted to eat at a Michelin star restaurant so this seems perfect for me. Delicious food, beautiful ambiance, and a relaxing atmosphere!

  8. What a lovely hotel — a true oasis in a bustling and busy city. That kind of quiet luxury is always so appealing. I think I would indulge in tea and baths daily. I’m not convinced about the pool, though!

    I love your writing style, very descriptive and evocative. I always enjoy your posts.